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How To Build & Customize Your Own Bootstrap Theme

Twitter’s Bootstrap has a standard tool to work with if you want to push an app out as fast as possible and want to have a clean familiar UI that does not take weeks to develop. I wrote previously about customizing bootstrap in haste and have decided to expand on my bootstrap customization guide with a better step-by-step tutorial that designers and developers can follow alike.

Preview here:


Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Design and User Experience

Just about everyone tells you to install Analytics and most likely, they will recommend you Google Analytics. No one really tells you how to use Google Analytics. All you’re told is how to install them and how to look at that neat graph telling you that people are coming to your site. Yet, that’s basically useless. You can use WordPress analytics via JetPack. Admittedly, Jetpack does have some really cool features icon wink Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Design and User Experience but it’s not as robust as Google Analytics. If you look only at traffic, Jetpack is a better option due to the wealth of other features it has. If you read through this guide and want to see how awesome your site can be with just a few tweaks, get Google Analytics. Anyways, my point is. Google Analytics is a great tool for improving your site in terms of design, accessibility, usability, search engine optimization (SEO) and audience targeting.


Build Your Own Blog Tutorial Part I: The Vision

As just about every developer out there, I want to build my own blogging engine. Not just for the learning experience but also for my personal use and because the vision I have of this blog does not match any open source systems available out there right now. I decided that it will become an Open Source project hosted on Github or wherever (part by part) so that everyone can follow along, learn, and use the engine. 


working on my new site, almost done! :)


*A Trip To The Past*
What my stay at resulted in:
I started writing articles in October 2009, and stopped in August (or so) 2010. I stopped actually much earlier and the site had a steady 20+ visitors a day afterward until it died out to a 0. During that time, we had, 
::16,000 visitors (with a high of over 1200 visitors one day)
:: 28000 pageviews
:: average of over 52 visitors a day
:: most referrals came from (over 5000), stumbleupon (4000), pixel2life (1,400), tutorialhero, pslover and others
:: organic traffic came from keywords: “css border opacity”, “”, “html5 css3 lessons”, “border opacity”
:: pages that received most pageviews: “/archive/css-lesson-6-intro-to-divs/”, “/archive/ccleaner/”, “ /archive/moving-a-partition/”, homepage, and “/archive/mobile-websites-tips/” (4 out of 5 written by me)

What the site looks like today:

You can still read many of my helpful articles here, starting with the article “New Blog” when I left, and Download my old psd website designs.

I’ll be starting a new dev/des/writing blog soon on my new site, and would appreciate some feedback: :)


Photo Set

Here are some close ups of my latest design. I stretched/moved/resized the elements to fit the 960 grid and a vertical rhythm as well. It’s not perfect (sidebar does not align well, etc.) but it’s a start. I’ll probably start working on the interior pages now, since I’m basically done laying this one out. (btw, I hate the footer, not sure what to do with it, maybe split it and put another column in there) Any thoughts?


Last old design :) Just to complete the nostalgia.


Here’s an OLD design of mine (three/four years, I think) from when I started out programming and designing. Never got paid for it but I think it’s pretty cool :)